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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Better Bills comparison service?

    The Better Bills comparison service assists customers to evaluate their current electricity, gas, broadband, pay tv and home phone bills and find you better deals, assist you to switch and put the savings back in your pocket.

  • How does the Better Bills comparison service work?

    Better Bills comparison service works by using the details on your latest electricity, gas, broadband, pay tv and home phone e-bills, to provide a price comparison on relevant plans in the market, helping you find a better deal. If a switch is requested, it is a simple application that covers all services and we work directly with the retailers chosen to make the change. No further action is required from your side.

  • How do I use the Better Bills comparison service?

    It’s easy to compare plans.
    1. Upload your latest e-bill for the services you would like to compare
    2. Provide your contact details
    3. Select your preferred contact method and time

  • What if I have a paper bill?

    This is fine, you will need to take a photo or scan of all pages of your bills and upload them to the website in PDF or JPEG format.

  • What's the difference between Better Bills comparison service and other energy price comparison tools?

    Some energy comparison sites charge a fee for service and are tied to energy providers that will pay them a commission. Better Bills comparison service is fee free, has a large panel of energy retailers to help you make a decision on your comparisons and can help you switch to a new electricity provider all in one application.

  • Why is Better Bills offering the comparison service?

    Better Bills comparison service is a service offered to our valued customers. With our local team, one contact number, email and a seamless online application process to complete your switch without having to speak to anyone. Our team talks energy and utilities all dayevery day and can take away the confusion around switching providers. We are here to help make your home running costs efficient and put the power back in your hands (and savings back in your pocket).

  • Which customers will benefit from the Better Bills comparison service?

    All valued Loan Market, Ray White and Wealth Market customers. The service excludes businesses and embedded networks. If your electricity is embedded, you can still use the comparison site to assess all other utilities.

  • What is an embedded network?

    On-supply customers are customers within embedded networks that do not have their own account with an energy provider. For example, members of retirement villages and some apartment blocks.

  • Which energy providers are part of the Better Bills comparison service?

    Our panel consists the following retailers:
    . AGL
    . Energy Australia
    . Origin
    . Simply Energy
    . Red Energy
    . Powershop
    . Kleenheat
    . Alinta
    . Elgas
    . Belong
    . Foxtel
    . Telstra by Fast Connect
    . My Home Phone

  • How long does it take to use the Better Bills comparison site?

    The process of comparison should take up to 5 minutes. Our team will then assess your plan vs the plans available in your area and send you a summary with recommendations to ensure you are on the best plan in your area.

  • What is an e-bill?

    An e-bill is a digital PDF of your electricity bill either sent to you by email or downloadable from your energy provider. This should be your full bill (usually 2 – 3 pages long) and not the summary version. An e-bill provides the best results for an accurate comparison. If you’re currently receiving paper statements, you can still scan or take a photo of the bills, but it is important to remember that all pages are required to complete the comparison.

  • I have a bundled gas and electricity plan, can I still use the Better Bills comparison service?

    The Better Bills comparison service can compare both electricity and gas so this will not be a problem.

  • How much does it cost to use the Better Bills comparison service?

    The Better Bills comparison service is a free of charge service, so it comes at no cost to you.

  • Would I be charged any additional cost when changing electricity providers?

    The good news is that many plans come with no exit fees, so you can switch electricity providers at any time and without incurring additional costs. However, our team can assist you to determine this with a couple of simple questions.

  • What happens after I request to switch to a new provider?

    There are 3 easy steps:
    1. Once you have selected your preferred plans and completed the Explicit Informed Consent application for your new providers, your information will be sent to the new utility provider to process.
    2. You will then receive your welcome packs via your chosen method.
    3. There will then be a 10 day cooling off period.
    4. For electricity and gas the new provider may organise a meter read to complete the transfer, but typically the change will take place at the next scheduled meter read. Meter reads take place every 3 months.

  • What is an Explicit Informed Consent?

    The National Energy Retail Law states that energy providers must obtain an Explicit Informed Consent when entering into a contract with consumers. This includes ‘switching’ a consumer from one provider to another. The energy provider must disclose all relevant information to the customer, to obtain informed consent, by a customer competent to give it. The Explicit Informed Consent can be given in writing (signed by the customer), verbally or by electronic communication. For further information refer to Section 38-42 of the Nation Energy Retail Law.

  • Will I have my electricity turned off during the changeover?

    No, your electricity supply won’t be impacted.

  • What if I'm moving house?

    Better Bills comparison service can still assist you, we will need to do this over the phone and will require a copy of your welcome pack for your new home and we can determine if you are on the best possible plan and rates. We will use industry average consumption to provide you with an average calculation and potential savings if you were to switch.

  • How often can I request to switch?

    It’s generally recommended that you check your energy plan annually, to ensure you are on the best plan.

  • Better Bills found a great saving for me but I'm not familiar with the energy provider. How do I know they can be trusted?

    All energy providers operate with a licence and are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

  • How secure is my personal information throughout the process?

    We take measures to protect personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Access to your personal information is restricted to those who have a need to know and these individuals are required to maintain confidentiality of the information. We retain personal information only for so long as necessary for the purpose for which the information was collected. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • How often can I request to switch?

    It’s generally recommended that you check your energy plan annually, to ensure you are on the best plan.

  • I asked to switch through the Better Bills comparison service but haven't heard anything yet.

    If you have successfully initiated a request to compare and switch your household utilities, you would have received a confirmation email which contains a contact number and email address. Please call 1300 867 283 and quote your reference number or email startsaving@betterbills.com and we will assist and follow this up for you.

  • What if I haven't received the confirmation email, after I have requested to switch providers?

    Please check the Junk or Trash folder of your email account and ensure the correct email address has been provided. If you haven’t received a call from your new provider within one business day, please contact our team on 1300 867 283.

  • Can I do the Better Bills comparison service from home?

    Yes. All you need is internet access and your latest e-bill. Can this be done over the phone without uploading bills?

  • Can I use the Better Bills comparison service if I don't have an email address?

    Yes. You can perform a price comparison without an email address. It is important to note that some retailers do require an email address to establish an account, but our Team can assist you with this.

  • What if I receive a concession or rebate on my current bills?

    Please make sure you add these concession details to your application form. This information won’t be automatically passed onto the new provider.

  • I used the Better Bills comparison service and did not see a saving, why is that?

    You might already be on the best deal, which is why we were unable to find a plan that provides additional savings. This can change every 6-12 months so feel free to return to the link provided and re-evaluate your household bills once this period has lapsed.

  • I've found a saving using the Better Bills comparison service but need time to think about switching. Can I come back later to switch and will my information be saved ?

    Your application will remain saved on our system until you are ready to switch, with no expiry. It is important to note that plans are subject to change by the retailers, so if you do find a better plan it is recommended that you switch as soon as possible to secure the discounts and rates provided.

  • What personal information are you saving and for how long?

    Your information will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  • If I switch, will the new energy provider make me fill out lots of paperwork?

    Unlike other comparison sites the Better Bills comparison service has direct relationships with the retailers on our panel, with a single Explicit Informed Consent application all switches will take place and you will not be required to fill in multiple application forms. Some providers will send you a link to complete information such as payment details if your wish to use Direct Debit, but this is clearly noted in your confirmation email so you know what to expect.

  • What should I do if I need to understand more about the Better Bills comparison service?

    You can call our team on 1300 867 283, between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 10am-1pm AEST. We can arrange call backs outside of these hours if these times do not suit you, alternatively you can email any questions to startsaving@betterbills.com

  • Are there any hidden costs or unexpected fees?

    Our service is 100% free to use. We work with a select number of retailers on our panel and may receive a commission if your application is successful.This commission fee may vary dependant on your chosen brand, it is paid by the brand and there is no extra cost to you. Our comparison service is not influenced by the commissions paid, this is purely a service that will help you identify a better deal on your utility connections.

  • Do you compare all brands in the market?

    We compare a number of preferred retailers in the market, however this is dependent on serviceability in your area. If your area is in a regulated market we will not be able to provide a comparison.

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*The displayed prices we have provided are in the form of a simple estimate to assist you with comparison only. It uses the data from your current bill and the plans we have on our panel to provide you with a comparison and average savings per year. In the event that you do not have a current bill we provide an estimate using government data and benchmarks based on household size published by Australian Energy Regulator.

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